As a professional Dominatrix, Mistress Absolute knows more than most about control. Whether administering punishment to a willing slave, teaching couples how to enjoy kink together or appearing on TV shows for major terrestrial and satellite TV channels, the Mistress has over a decade of experience to draw on, along with a Masters degree in Gender, Sexuality and Culture.

Mistress Absolute created the Absolute Beginner’s Guides to help educate sexual adventurers in the field of kink, with original full-colour illustrations by Satine Phoenix and layout and design by Miss May.

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to… Domination is the first title in an eight-part series providing clear and concise information for the neophyte kinkster. The books are a digestible 80 pages and are fully illustrated.

The books are aimed at the generation who have been sold the ideal that sex is all about multiple orgasms and that everyone has rock and roll sex every night. They present alternative ways of finding pleasure in and out of the bedroom and offer tools to explore different facets of the reader’s sexuality.