A little preview of the Absolute Beginners Guide to Domination:

About Me:

“Having been a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix for over a decade, I delight in sharing the art of Domination as well as practicing it. Domination is about taking the lead in your playtime. One of the most common misunderstandings is that domination is just about hurting another person; in fact there are many ways to express dominance than simply causing someone pain. From a discreet whispered order in public, or selecting your partner’s outfit for a date night, right through to a stinging thwack from the crop. What they have in common is that taking control of a lover, with their consent of course, offers a deliciously decadent pleasure. While I’ve contributed to numerous books on fetish over the years, I’ve often been disappointed by fetish and sex authors’ tendencies to over-complicate the subject – which is where the Absolute Beginners Guides come in.”

About taking control:

“Taking control is all about one of you being Dominant and the other person letting go of the control. The words “Dominate me,” “I want to be Dominated,” or “I want to Dominate you” can sometimes obscure the core of “Domination.” When stripped back to the most basic form, it simply means one person lets the other person take control. What they take control of depends on ground rules already discussed and agreed by both parties. If it still sounds all a bit confusing, then let’s look at it another way; everyone “Dominates” or has been “Dominated” someone at sometime. Have you ever been pressed or pressed someone gently into the bed whilst making love? That’s a form of Domination.”

About how to Introduce Domination:

“Walking into the bedroom head to toe leather or latex brandishing a whip is probably not the best way to gently introduce domination to your partner. Although it may seem boring, laying the foundations and ground rules before you start to play will mean more fun, more freedom, and less confusion… and did I mention more fun?”